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There are network setups that look flawless, and they seem impenetrable, which many of them are, but there comes the point where they weaken. Do you know who can figure this out first? Hackers who are looking to work away on network systems and attack them. Even the largest corporations are not able to steer away from these things and ignore them.

You have to be ready immediately to deal with reality and figure out a good way to combat what is going on. This is the only way to progress. You want to make sure www.rminfosec.co.uk testing is being done to see what is needed. Until you have pen testing take place, you are going to be a step behind.

You want adequate information on the network and how it is going to run as the days go by. Until you can do this, you are not going to have a clue as to what is going on. There are many ways to approach this, but the best place to start is when you focus on getting the right service to help you out. The constant monitoring will ensure these holes don't develop in the long-term.

Detailed Mobile App Pen Testing

Mobile apps have become a part of present life, but that also means it has become important to stay safe from hackers. There are so many issues that can pop up when it pertains to mobile apps, so it's best to look at the details and keep things in check.

How does this take place?

It starts with adequate mobile app pen testing because that is a good starting point for all developers. You want to go through the app and make sure it is functional as required and is not going to fall apart. Hackers will look to crack through, but regular testing is going to ensure they are not able to get through holes in the software or programming. It's going to take professionals who are going to race through the details making sure things are done well.

You want to look into these things and make sure your mobile app doesn't start to falter because of security issues as that can happen to developers from time to time. Be patient and get the right service on your side to help with the app and how it is being run. Until this takes place, you are open to new attacks.

     The Entrepreneur's Dinner (edinner) is an informal gathering of entrepreneurs to share good ideas about starting, running and growing businesses. It is a forum for networking, brainstorming new ideas, finding synergies, and learning from seasoned entrepreneurs. Each month an illustrious guest speaker makes a short presentation on a topic of interest to stimulate the evening's conversation. Then members introduce themselves and continue networking.

this month's meeting

April 28, 1998. 6:30 - 9:00 PM

In an industry as rapidly evolving and as young as the Internet industry, few have taken a breath to analyze the components and interactions within the industry itself. To understand and better prepare for The Internet Future, we take an insider look at the dynamics between technology players, service providers, content creators, aggregators, and support players. We will focus on these areas, "inside new media," and discuss their interrelation and impact on other industries and business as we know it.

Join a panel of 11 of our Silicon Alley colleagues in an interactive "town hall" format where we have structured questions at the beginning followed by open questions by the audience. Audience members who wish to pre-submit questions for the structured questions segment should email them to me, latest by Tuesday morning, April 28th. I will select a few stimulating, perhaps controversial questions to kick off the discussion.

I: Online Marketing/Branding - a look back at the way the Internet has "grown up" so far, primarily as an advertising medium, and a look forward to its importance in relationship and pointcast marketing.
- Bob Ponce, President, i-Contact Media
- Adeo Ressi, President/CEO, MethodFive

II: Technology Review/Outlook - a look back at the technologies that spawned the Internet and an outlook on the important ones that will shape its future.
Jonathan B Spira, President, The Basex Group, Inc.
Jim Flynn, Principal, @Work Technologies
- Martin T. Focazio, President, Focazio.Com Enterprises

III: The Role of Content - a look back at what "content" meant in the "wild west" of the Internet's youth and what "content" will mean when users demand greater personalization, relevance, usefulness, and timeliness.
- Robert Levitan, Founding Partner & President, Betterhealth.com (iVillage)
- Garnet Heraman, CEO, StockObjects

IV: Providing Services - a look back at the Internet as a "yellow pages" to service providers and a look forward to the 'Net as a primary vehicle for the delivery of services (e.g. legal, accounting, financial, etc.)
- Otho B. Ross, Attorney at Law
- Robert Frankel, Principal, RTF Company

V: E-commerce - a look back at e-commerce as a means to sell books and CDs on the 'Net and a look forward to e-commerce as one of the most efficient means of exchange of value, globally
- Steve Messer, CEO, LinkShare
- Steve Masur Esq., Managing Director, EntMedia

Light refreshments will be served.

Augustine Fou - go-Digital Internet Consulting Group 
Canadian Consulate General - graciously provides the use of the Canada Room.

Canadian Consulate General, Concourse Level (downstairs), 1251 Ave. of the Americas, btn 49th and 50th Streets, entrance on the south side of 50th Street; you must mention to security that you are going to the e-dinner event at the Canadian Consulate's Canada Room.

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